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Trade license fees in karachi 2018

Trade license fees in karachi 2018 District Municipal Corporation East Karachi. DMC East KarachiMotor Vehicle Registration fee is payable at the time of Registration of a new car at the following rates. New Car Registration Fees in Karachi, Hyderabad and Sindh. S.Rs. 125 fee for computerised driving licence applicable to all applications. Duplicate Licence Rs. 360/- All types. P. S. V Badge. Rs. 500/- For EverThe patent owner may give permission, or license, to other parties to use. IPO-Pakistan working for the registration of trade and services marks under the. The core function of this Directorate is to process the applications for grant of licenses and registration of trade bodies under the Act. It also oversees the.There are two types of traffic licenses in Karachi — one a valid driving license, with a photo of a license holder, issued by an authorized Pakistani governmental departmentOR the one with a photo of Founder of Pakistan – a banknote of 50 or 100 rupee, to be exact. To be fair this, kind of.DMC South, Karachi · Home · About Us; Departments. Gen. Administration. Trade Licence Meeting. Home Trade Licence Meeting. Trade Licence Meeting.

DMC East Karachi

Recently learned Advisor of Law, Parliamentary Affairs of Sindh Government in his letter No.PS/ACK-I/4(02)-105/2019 giving the reference of APEX Court vide order passed in the Civil Appeal No.1843 of 1998 [reported in Supreme Court Monthly Review 1999 at page No. Fmcg trading company. 1404] for levying any tax and fee has given opinion that “any tax can be levied and fee charged if any services are provided to the payee, since DMC West is not providing any services to the tenants of SITE.DMC-West is not authorized under law to claim the subject fee which is being paid by them to SITE Ltd. SITE Association of Industry in its Petition prayed that all acts of DMC-West, Karachi are without any lawful authority and its members are not governed U/S100 and 103 of Sindh Local Government Act 2013 or with any rule of schedule 5 part 2 or schedule 6.Association has also prayed that Judicial Magistrate XXIV Karachi West has acted to entertain DMC-West by issuing non-bailable warrants without lawful authority. 2, 3 and 6 to exercise any power under Sindh Local Government Act against the industries.

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Trade license fees in karachi 2018 Import and Export License Registration in Pakistan. We provide consultancy for registration of your Import and Export Licence / Documents which helps for Import & Export-If you want to start your import and export business, you must apply documents which are necessary for Import and Export License Registration in Pakistan.ISLAMABAD, Pakistan Point News - APP - 11th Sep, 2017 Minister for Interior Ahsan Iqbal on Monday visited Headquarters Rangers Sindh in Karachi and appreciated the role of Rangers in maintaining peace in Karachi and in stopping terrorism.The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan TDAP, which is continuation of erstwhile Export Promotion Bureau, is a premier government agency mandated to. Skill Development Council Karachi Courses 2019 Fee Structure Admission Requirement. The complete list of all the courses are listed below in the field of Information Technology IT, Account and Banking Sector, Engineering Courses, Management Courses, Services Sector Courses and all others so have a complete look on the complete list below.People interested. Rated 3.4 by 11 people. Check out who is attending exhibiting speaking schedule & agenda reviews timing entry ticket fees. 2020 edition of IT Showcase Pakistan will be held at Karachi Marriott Hotel, Karachi starting on 07th April.For all those people who don’t have their driving license with them or their previous license is expired, we are mentioning the fees of all types of vehicles for driving license including the timings of Karachi Traffic Office. Fees for New Learner Driving License is Rs. 50, however fees of Renewal for Learner is Rs. 100.

The row over trade licences emerged last month when the Site Town of CDGK issued notices to industrialists to obtain trade licenses on paying fee under the Land Revenue Act.DMC TRADE LICENCE APPLICATION. Pay Trade Licence Fee · Existing Trader Registration · Trader/User Login · Apply For New Trade Licence.Professional Charges for Registration= Rs. 25,000/- on share capital of Rs 1,00,000/-. Trade Mark application fee in one class Rs. 3,000/- Marvel trading cards 1990. On application to register a trade mark for a specification of goods or services included in. For renewal under section 35 of the registration of a trademark at the.No. Nature of Trade. 436. 440. 519. P/Fee. Total Fees wer. 50. Т1. 1,000. 300. Waste from 2018-19 onwards, SWM charges wherever mentioned in Licence.After inspection by the LS is concluded, the business is asked to go to the DCC office to pay the predetermined fee and collect their trade license. The fee schedule depends on the business category under which the application was filed. Step 6 Signboard fee. When collecting the trade license, a signboard fee has to be paid as well.

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KARACHI, Dec 2 The municipal administrations of different towns in the City District Government Karachi CDGK have taken measures to increase revenue from annual trade licence fee. The.Karachi Shopkeepers and traders of 17 towns of the city continue to receive summons and arrest warrants from judicial magistrates for not paying the trade license fee for the last three years. According to a Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry KCCI report, the City District Government of Karachi CDGK had introduced trade license fee three year back.Coal Depot 8650 + 300Medical Fee = 8950 41 Cement retail 1750 42 Cobler 1450 43 Cement Office 8650 44 Consumer goods OFFICE 1750 45 Chartered Accountants Firm 8650 46 C & F Agents 8650 47 Company or association or body of individuals 8650 48 Computer Software & Hardware 1750 49 Computer Accessories 1750 Fayers trading. Fee Structure. The Driving License department is an important organ of Sindh Police entrusted to issue driving license. 11, Near Do talwar Clifton Karachi.By the High Court of Sindh, Karachi. AND. CRIMINAL. The right of profession, occupation and trade under Article. 18 of the Constitution is. fee structure during initial registration Section 5 of the Ordinance.Fake driver licenses to be curbed. The new Clifton branch will enable drivers to get a learners license in less than 5 minutes while normal driving licenses will take around 45 minutes.

Trade license fees in karachi 2018

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On the other hand, if you want to drive a heavy transport vehicle then your age has to be up to 22 years.So, first of all, make sure that your age will fall within this limit.There are basically two kinds of driving licenses and they are stated as private driving license and professional one driving license. Trading indices vs forex. Then we often encounter the further classification of these licenses into Let’s Begin with: Learner: For domestic vehicles, this license can be used for 42 days and after completing the validity time of this license, you will get a permanent driving license.For other commercial transport vehicles, you can use this license for 90 days, which makes 3 months.Permanent: If one wants to get a permanent driving license, then you will be attaching 2 photocopies of your passport size pictures, copy of your original CNIC, your original learner driving license.

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Traffic Police Department of Karachi has taken some serious initiates to deal with all those drivers and riders who doesn’t have driving license with them and recently big campaign has been launched for helmets in Karachi.To avoid the problem of traffic challan while driving or riding a motorcycle, all the drivers must have their license with them.For all those people who don’t have their driving license with them or their previous license is expired, we are mentioning the fees of all types of vehicles for driving license including the timings of Karachi Traffic Office. Broker app review. For riding a bike, driving a car, bus or other vehicles on the roads, one must need a valid license.But in Pakistan, most of the people don’t have driving license with them due to non-implementation of traffic laws and corruption in the traffic departments.